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ExpatFinder.com launches Trigger Based Marketing campaigns to help advertisers connect with engaged customers at every step of the expatriation.

The trigger based marketing campaigns offer supportive communications with the customer while at the same time engage the advertisers’ brands in relationships at important events and moments of the expatriate consumer lifecycle.

Singapore, April 16, 2013 – ExpatFinder.com, a leading relocation and expat consumer support service and website, today launched a new service to advertisers with Trigger Based Marketing campaigns.

The company now provides the ability to identify dozens of expat trigger points, offering relevant points of contact with an engaged audience. “Our expertise lies in the understanding of the relocating consumer cycle, thanks to our technology and data we are now able to deliver personalized messages at each of those moments and events,” says Sébastien Deschamps, CEO and co-founder.

Customized communications can be delivered via multiple channels such as banners, text links, emails and even outbound phone calls. “Our phone support team has now developed an efficient over-the-phone contact process to further support the expatriates in their daily lives. We are now able to trigger phone contacts based on events and actions from our customers,” adds Sébastien Deschamps.

The communications can be completed with value added services and support, such as expert PDF guides, location-based city guides and additional information support to build and engage conversations with expatriates. “We were able to build expat consumer timelines that are offering trigger points; this is also in the interest of the customer as our partners’ messages may often act as reminders of some important aspects of life abroad. For example, tax return filling or protection and retirement planning,” says ExpatFinder.com co-founder François Deschamps.

ExpatFinder.com is leveraging on its deep social media reach to identify additional triggers within the expat relocation phase. Starting a new social life abroad is important and has always been an integral part of expat life. Social networks have gained popularity and can be important for making social connections. The team can now identify and take action when a user is joining a club, Facebook groups, Linkedin groups or expat forums.

The campaigns also offer to re-engage with retargeting communications to follow up after the event. Such “action” retargeting creates a bridge with the customer at a time of relocation where there are lot of questions to be answered and support being sought out.

“Triggered messages can play an important role in helping to drive a customer to make a purchase and in providing a message in timely fashion the advertisement then becomes less intrusive, more accurate and even supportive for our customers,” concludes Sébastien Deschamps.

About ExpatFinder.com & Expatadvertising.com: François and Sébastien Deschamps are currently working on innovative solutions for consumers around the world. ExpatFinder.com is a leading consumer web portal for expatriate and relocating individuals around the world.

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ExpatFinder.com launches the Premium Expat Lead, a new marketing channel to help its partners convert more leads into clients.

The Premium Expat Lead (PEL) enables sales teams to directly receive the best quality leads with effective contact details by eliminating non qualified requests by a preliminary phone qualification process thus increasing their chances of converting their leads into clients.

Singapore, January 15, 2013 - Interexpat Pte. Ltd. (ExpatFinder.com), the Singapore headquartered Internet Services Company, has developed a new marketing channel for advertisers targeting expatriate and relocating consumers by providing phone qualifications for requests made on its website.

The new value added service was developed in response to the growing number of partners, often with more limited sales team size, and to the high degree of qualification requirements for complicated services such as those found in finance and insurance.

ExpatFinder.com has leveraged their expertise to offer marketers a unique opportunity to reach their targeted audience, with an initial qualification by phone from ExpatFinder agents. The PEL means that the advertiser’s sales team can focus only on pre-qualified contacts thus increasing the conversion rates and reducing the need for manpower.

“By working with both quality web and phone leads the partner companies not only drives awareness of its products and services on our quality websites but also reduces the requirement for sometime lengthy and human intensive lead processing. The Premium Expat Lead offers partners the opportunity to respond quickly to consumers' inquiries and close more transactions,” says Sebastien Deschamps, CEO and co-founder.

The introduction of the Premium Expat Lead channel fills a distinct void in the expatriate vertical marketing channel. Currently, no other media company offers ExpatFinder.com’s influential audience, targeted content and quality lead generation features.

“We have worked for over a year now with a few key partners, such as banks and insurance companies, on the first version of qualified phone leads. With this experience in hand, it is now time to extend our offering of these premium quality contacts to more clients as well as other future advertisers that are looking to manage quality leads for their sales team,” adds Sebastien Deschamps.

“It broadens our range of service from our history of quality web leads and complements our offering with brand and social media monitoring as well as Email Direct Marketing reach handled by our consulting team at expatadvertising.com” concludes Sébastien Deschamps.

As part of their ongoing development strategy, the company is developing further supportive phone services that will further enhance the user experience when moving or living overseas.

About ExpatFinder.com & Expatadvertising.com: Francois and Sébastien Deschamps are currently working on innovative solutions for consumers around the world. ExpatFinder.com is a leading consumer web portal for expatriate and relocating individuals around the world.

For more information visit: www.expatfinder.com www.expatadvertising.com

ExpatFinder.com’s Expatadvertising consulting service now extends clients’ reach to over 8 million expatriates worldwide with targeted Email Direct Marketing (EDM) campaigns.

The EDM solution with stringent quality compliance helps clients connect their brands effectively and increase ROI on their marketing spend. The distributions can be targeted by nationality and country of residence but can also offer segregation by industry, gender and age.

Singapore October 17, 2012. The specialized consulting team of Expatadvertising (Interexpat Pte. Ltd.) has leveraged on a large network of owned and operated online properties as well as selected third party websites to create the largest opportunities to target expatriate consumers by email. “Our clients are looking to find new ways to diversify their marketing methods and reduce the cost of reaching out to expatriate consumers” says Expatadvertising manager Sebastien Deschamps. “We are pleased to offer EDM opportunities with the most extensive and targeted reach on the market, providing an all-inclusive solution.”

Email is one the most direct and powerful marketing methods today but should be implemented with caution. Expatadvertising has developed stringent quality requirements to make sure all recipients have opted-in and that all email databases are clean and permission-based. They are sourced from its own and operated communities and websites, as well as various other reputable websites.

In-house expertise in template creation and optimized messages enables the team to launch an email marketing campaign in minutes and makes it a one stop shop for the clients emailing needs. In addition, further technology reach can be added with retargeting banner campaign management.

“When working on EDM, we are keen to build on scenarios and start conversations with the recipients by segmenting the distributions rather than doing one big email blast. It is important to monitor the frequency and engagement within the communities and groups we help our clients communicate to.” adds Sebastien Deschamps. “Our team’s deep understanding of the expatriate consumer cycle helps make the messages less intrusive and more targeted towards the consumer’s needs, thus increasing the overall conversion benefiting both the consumer and the client”.

The recently launched specialized consulting service is currently developing other targeted expat marketing channels. These include offline, print and technology oriented channels such as mobile and social media apps that help clients further connect with engaged expatriate communities.

About Interexpat & expatadvertising.com: Francois and Sébastien Deschamps are currently working on innovative solutions for consumers around the world. Expatadvertising is a one stop solution for new and historical advertisers to generate better brand reach and return on investment while leveraging on a targeted network of websites (including premium property www.expatfinder.com).

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Interexpat Pte. Ltd. launches expatadvertising.com, a unique one stop consulting agency dedicated to assisting advertisers in targeting relocating individuals and expats. The team brings together a high quality network of publishers and state of the art marketing services.

Expatadvertising is a team of experts providing a wide range of services, including campaign management, email direct marketing, content creation and much more to connect brands to the right audiences. The platform leverages on a large network of owned and operated properties as well as selected third party websites.

Singapore May 16, 2012.

Today, InterExpat Pte Ltd launches www.expatadvertising.com, a site representative of its ongoing effort to deliver more services to advertisers targeting expats anywhere in the world. With offices in Europe and Asia, the company leverages on over a decade of media and marketing experience and an unparalleled understanding of the key marketing channels for expatriate communities.

“The advertisers appreciate that we have been here for years with a good track record and that we understand which channels bring the most value to the advertiser,” says Interexpat co founder François Deschamps.

On top of its localized world coverage, the team brings expertise in languages and their respective expatriate communities. The company owns and operates websites in French, Spanish, German and Dutch, with ongoing work for clients in Simplified Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, Japanese and more.

The company offers a wide range of digital marketing services, including content creation, emailing, and campaign management. In-house web programmers and designers offer great reactivity in the production of customized mini websites, widgets, banners and more in a time when customized and real time messages are key to getting consumers’ attention.

The team can count on a network of quality online properties, both individually owned and operated as well as from third party partners.

“As we are publishers ourselves, we speak the same language as other quality publishing websites out there - we understand their challenges and try to bring unique additional revenue streams. On the other end, our expertise in the media enables us to guide our advertising clients, whether the client directly or the client’s agency, to the best opportunities on the market to get the best return on investment (ROI),” adds Sebastien Deschamps, co founder of expatadvertising.com

The Interexpat Network of websites includes dozens of website in the relocation, finance and insurance verticals. The flagship www.ExpatFinder.com is a leading consumer information portal. The Network delivers information, advice, relocation support and a unique perspective to millions of unique customers each month.

About Interexpat & expatadvertising.com

French and French-American co-founders Francois and Sébastien Deschamps are currently working on innovative solutions for consumers around the world. Expatadvertising is a one stop solution for new and historical advertisers to generate better brand reach and return on investment while leveraging on a targeted network of websites (including premium property www.expatfinder.com ). For more information visit: www.expatadvertising.com