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The Interexpat network includes dozens of online properties that are owned and operated by our company Interexpat Pte. Ltd. with offices in Paris and Singapore

Our Network is dedicated to delivering information, advice, relocation support and a unique perspective to millions of unique customers each month.Our audience turns to our network as a source to help them make informed decisions when moving or living abroad.

About ExpatFinder.com Our premium property ExpatFinder.com is a leading consumer information portal. The quality content and articles helps consumers make informed decisions when moving or living abroad.


Our network of quality properties includes websites in Spanish, Dutch, German and French. Additional projects for clients are based in Asian languages such as Simplified Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, Japanese, Korean and more.

Social Media

The Network monitors a deep social media reach with hundreds of Facebook groups and fan pages, Twitter accounts and Linkedin groups.

User-generated Content

The consumer centric approach of the company has led to the creation of reviews websites to further connect brands with their clients and help them monitor their reputation and influence.

The team

The team brings over a decade of media and marketing experience connecting the leading advertisers with consumers moving or living abroad.

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